Connecticut private sector jobs are up 23,400 jobs this September compared to September of 2017, according to the September 2018 Labor Situation report. September and August showed a gain of 3,300 jobs, despite a loss of overall 500 jobs in September of 2018, according to a statement by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

This is the 98th consecutive month where monthly private sector job numbers grew compared to the same month in the previous year.

“While it’s easy to get distracted by short-term gains and losses, doing so risks missing the important bigger picture. To date, Connecticut has regained all of the private sector jobs lost during the Great Recession and has now added thousands more,” Malloy said in a statement.

Unemployment in the state has dropped from 9.3 percent in December of 2010 to 4.2 percent this month.

“Without question, there is more work to do to further stabilize and strengthen important sectors in our economy. We can and should continue to do more to make our state more responsive to the needs of the business community,” Malloy said in a statement.