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Greater Hartford grew its housing stock at one of the slowest rates anywhere in the country over the last 10 years, according to new Census Bureau data analyzed by apartment rentals website Apartment List.

The report, which used new Census Bureau estimates of how many housing units communities had in 2020, found that Hartford, Middlesex and Tolland counties together added 12,000 new housing units between 2010 and 2020, a growth rate of 2.4 percent. That put it at 86th place among the nation’s largest 100 metro areas, behind smaller, traditionally economically challenged Northeast metro areas Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley (3 percent growth) and the Poughkeepsie, New York area (5 percent growth).

The growth rate meant Hartford added three new jobs, as estimated by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, for every new house, condominium or apartment that was built during that decade, helping set the stage for the last 12 months’ run-up in home prices.

The year-to-date median single-family price in Connecticut hit $310,000 in April according to The Warren Group, publisher of The Commercial Record, a 16 percent jump over the same figure in April 2020 and a 29 percent jump over April 2019. The number of houses sold through April 30 is up 23 percent over the same day in 2020 and 32 percent over the same day in 2019.

“A healthy housing market should add a new housing unit for every 1-2 new jobs as the local economy grows,” Apartment List said in a statement, adding that Greater Hartford’s growth rate suggests “that the area is building insufficient new housing to keep pace with demand.”

Within the three-county area that the Census Bureau defines as the Hartford metro area, Tolland County saw the most new housing built from 2010 to 2020, growing by 5 percent, while Hartford County saw only 2.1 percent growth in its number of housing units.

Elsewhere in the state, Fairfield County saw significant growth, adding 16,276 housing units for a growth rate of 4.5 percent over the decade. New Haven County added only 7,952 units despite an apartment boom in New Haven itself in recent years, for an overall growth rate of 2.2 percent. Fairfield County added 1.2 new jobs per new home and New Haven County added 2.8 jobs per new home.