Greg Scott

After breaking the billion-dollar sales volume mark in 2002, Beazley Co. continued on its record-breaking pace for the third year in a row, achieving $1.33 billion in sales volume in 2004, announced Beazley President Greg Scott.

Beazley experienced increases in listings, sales volume and average sales price. The $1.33 billion represents a 13 percent increase in sales volume over 2003. The company’s average sales price rose 15 percent, unit listings showed a 5 percent increase over 2003 and the company improved its customer satisfaction rating to 94 percent.

Approximately 450 associates attended the company’s January kickoff meeting, held at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford. Scott thanked the entire Beazley team for making 2004 a good year and announced major initiatives including a spring outdoor and radio advertising campaign, the launch of a newly designed Web site, increased promotion of the company’s exclusive affiliation with Christie’s Great Estates and the opening of a new location in Wethersfield in November of 2004, which further strengthened Beazley’s presence in the Greater Hartford market.

“Each of these items, combined with all the other tools and services we offer, will help us take our ‘just turn the key’ philosophy to the consumer,” Scott said. “Everything we do is based on providing real value to the consumer. ‘Just turn the key’ is about providing total homeownership solutions – such as mortgages, relocation, insurance, home warranty, Signature Properties and our Christie’s Great Estates affiliation. We make everything revolve around our customers, and letting our customers decide what services are best suited for them.”

All indicators point to another solid year ahead for the real estate market and the economy in general. The demand for housing is at an all-time high. According to the National Association of Realtors, the national housing market has doubled from 3.2 million home sales annually in 1994 to a projected 6.5 million home sales in 2004.

All of the primary factors in evaluating where the market will go are all positive. Interest rates are expected to remain near historic lows; Connecticut’s unemployment rate is below the national average and employment opportunities are expected to grow. The state also continues to experience historically tight inventories of homes for sale. In addition, there is a huge influx of immigrant homebuyers, adding to the demand for housing. There is also the “safety” aspect of owning and investing in something that is real and tangible, as opposed to the stock market.

“We are looking at a great year ahead,” said Scott. “The market is strong and we are positioned to provide the total homeownership solutions that offer convenience and value to today’s homebuyers and sellers.”