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For over 140 years, The Commercial Record has covered the residential and commercial real estate and the financial sectors, making it the most valued advertising vehicle in the Connecticut real estate and banking markets. Our staff writers are well versed in their coverage areas, and in the ways those sections of the economy interact and overlap. Each week The Commercial Record features a special feature from one of our reporters, a roundup of the hottest stories from our daily web coverage, and our renowned Records section, the premier source of information for mortgage transactions in the state, including foreclosure deeds and credit defaults.

The Commercial Record is a vital tool for bankers and financial professionals, providing the most current and accurate data with complete real estate transactions and listings. Our highly rated website,, also has a popular daily e-news alert with more than 4,000 readers. Advertising in The Commercial Record positions your organization as an industry leader.


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Our independent editorial staff drills deep into the issues affecting real estate and finance in Connecticut. Only Commercial Record readers can tap into the most important information impacting their businesses. Armed with a wealth of news and data, our readers are the most informed, educated and powerful leaders in the local business scene. Columns and regular features focus on trends in the banking, real estate, and financial services scene.

  • Records and Research – Statewide real estate and credit records transactions compiled weekly for easy reading and analysis.
  • Special Supplements – Hone in on industry-specific topics, such as commercial real estate, law, housing, and banking.

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Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Builders & Contractors, Commercial Property Owners, Bankers & Lenders, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers, Government Agencies, Real Estate Professional Services Including Legal, Insurance, Accounting and Appraisal.


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