Dawn Landino

Unlike some women in male-dominated fields, when Dawn Landino started working at the New England Financial Group, an office of MetLife, as one of the first women in the firm, she felt comfortable.

What really struck her about the nature of the company, Landino said, was the supportiveness from her coworkers to help each other succeed.

“I [could] walk into any office with any other associates, ask them for advice, pick their brain and everyone was willing to help me along the way to be successful,” she said. “[Now], I work on a team with three other individuals. I’m the team leader, which is neat because we’re all supportive of one another and all we want to do is the right thing for our clients first and help [them] succeed.”

“The culture at our firm is all about the success of individuals,” Landino said.

Pam Zimmerman, marketing coordinator at MetLife, explained why she nominated Landino for the Women of FIRE Award.

“She’s a great example for all women,” she said. “She’s strong and she’s a great leader. The first thing she thinks about are the people that are around her, both inside the firm, with people she works with and every client she meets.”

Landino, now financial service representative and financial planner, said she takes a holistic approach when working with her clients. She looks at all different areas of financial strategies to help her clients reach their short- and long-term goals. “I make sure I really listen to my clients. It’s really about them, and not about me,” she said.

Formerly a professional athlete, Landino has participated in multiple marathons and running competitions and is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, where she cheered on a friend.

“I’m 15 and a half years in this business and I love what I do. I feel privileged be able to say that. I get to help people,” Landino said.

She explained the greatest honor to her isn’t being recognized for a professional achievement, but what means more to her is when her clients feel they are being taken care of. “When they say thank you to me for helping them – that’s more of an award than a plaque on the wall,” she said.