Electric boat

The USS New Hampshire sits at the Electric Boat facilities before its christening in 2008. U.S. Navy photo by John Narewski.

A state senator says Connecticut should help the Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton meet the expected demand for more submarines.

Democratic Sen. Cathy Osten of Sprague has filed proposed legislation that calls for dedicating $100 million over five years to help pay for some of the new infrastructure General Dynamics Electric Boat needs to accommodate its $5.1 billion contract with the U.S. Navy to design the new Columbia-class submarine.

Her bill also proposes spending $50 million over 10 years on workforce development programs.

Osten said it’s important the U.S. Navy knows the state has a well-trained workforce and considers Electric Boat an important part of the state’s economy. She said similar investments have been made in Newport News, Virginia, where submarines are also built.

The General Assembly opens Feb. 7.