Thomaston Savings Bank has opened a new limited-service branch inside Thomaston High School.

The new branch offers products and services to students and faculty, while also providing financial education and student employment opportunities, the bank said in a statement.

The branch will operate during the school’s lunch period throughout the week. A grand opening was held on Monday with representatives from the Thomaston Board of Education, Thomaston High School and Thomaston Savings Bank.

“We are thrilled to expand our network further into Thomaston in partnership with Thomaston High School,” Stephen Lewis, president and CEO of Thomaston Savings Bank, said in the statement. “We look forward to providing financial wellness resources and education to the students and staff. Thank you to our dedicated team who collaborated and got the branch up and running.”

The branch staff will include both Thomaston Savings Bank employees and Thomaston High School students. Students will be able to learn firsthand about the banking industry and the internal operations of a bank, the statement said, while gaining skills to broaden their knowledge base and explore the potential for future careers in the financial and banking industries.

“We are thankful for this partnership with Thomaston Savings Bank and making this idea become a reality,” Gianni Perugini, assistant principal at Thomaston High School, said in the statement. “Thank you to all who made this possible, we are excited to see the great work from our student tellers and the Thomaston team.”