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A new poll commissioned by listings portal site Zillow found that many Generation Z adults would put their pets’ needs ahead of those of their partners and their kids – or future kids – if they were buying a home.

A Zillow survey, conducted online by The Harris Poll, finds that 3 in 5 Gen Z adults (60 percent) consider certain pet-friendly features essential in a home they would buy. Nearly half (48 percent) think a fenced backyard is a must-have, compared to 28 percent who feel the same way about a double sink in the primary bathroom or 35 percent who say a home office for their partner is essential. Even fewer Gen Z adults would consider certain kid-friendly features, such as a playroom (24 percent) or outdoor play set (11 percent), to be essential.

If they were buying a home and had to choose, a majority of Gen Z pet owners say it’s more important to have a pet-friendly home (55 percent) than a kid-friendly home (45 percent). More than 1 in 5 Gen Z pet owners (22 percent) would want to move out of their current home if it was no longer working for their pet, while only 12 percent would want to move if their home was no longer working for their partner.

“Young adults may be delaying parenthood, but they’re not putting off pet parenthood,” Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton said in a statement accompanying the poll’s release. “One recent study finds most Gen Z adults would rather have a pet than a child. As this younger generation ages into their home-buying years, it follows that their pets will have a greater influence on their moving decisions, perhaps more so than their significant other.”

Previous Zillow research found that pet owners are more likely to buy larger homes with more bedrooms. Buyers with pets also are more likely to consider private outdoor space very or extremely important (73 percent) compared to buyers without pets (65 percent). Even in space-confined New York City, Zillow brand StreetEasy found more buyers are searching for homes that allow pets than homes equipped with dishwashers.