It’s that time of the year again, when The Commercial Record unveils the winners of its annual readers choice competition, Commercial Record’s Best.

This is a subjective, not objective, poll. It does not measure who writes the most business, who has the most revenue or serves the most customers. It does measure the loyalty and satisfaction readers have with vendors. It is an opportunity for readers to speak up for those providers they believe are the best.

The Commercial Record has since the fall been conducting an online survey of readers. We promoted this project via emails to readers and customers of The Commercial Record, and through its website. Readers responded to voice their opinions. Here are their choices for The Best – the companies that won the loyalty and support of Connecticut’s financial and real estate communities.

So who won? Had on over to the rankings to see who you and your peers picked for everything from best accounting provider through the top title company.

See the Winners of 2023’s CR’s Best