The five most expensive recent single-family and condominium sales in Connecticut.

Source: The Warren Group
Covers transactions collected March 15-21, 2024

1) 23 Laurel Lane, Greenwich
Sale price:
Helen Resor and Alex Sieke
Bradford T. Hastings and Katherine Hastings
Sale date:
$2,000,000 / Rocket Mortgage

2) 494 Lalley Blvd., Fairfield
Sale price: $4,200,000
Buyer: Joshua E. Cohen and Margaret K. Cohen
Seller: Alfonso Cammarota
Sale date: 3/20/2024
Mortgage: $1,500,000 / U.S. Bank, NA

3) 7 Colonial Lane, Greenwich
Sale price: $3,450,000
Buyer: Alix Jorgensen and Stephen Gruendel
Seller: Jonathan T. Shumaker and Rebecca E. Shumaker
Sale date: 3/19/2024
Mortgage: $2,9,500,000 / Citibank, N.A.

4) 153 Carter St., New Canaan
Sale price: $3,125,000
Buyer: Zachary Cressman and Kimberly E. Krajicek
Seller: Joseph C. Lizzio and Valentina L. Lizzio
Sale date: 3/22/2024
Mortgage: $2,500,000 / HSBC Bank

5) 29 Sunset Beach Road, Branford
Sale price: $2,550,000
Buyer: Irvin Modlin
Seller: M3 Re Holdings LLC
Sale date: 3/22/2024
Mortgage: None