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A new analysis predicts that the average annual cost of home insurance in America will hit a record high this year, and that Connecticut homeowners will likely see a 9 percent increase in their rates.

In a new report Insurify, an insurance-comparison platform, projected the average annual cost of home insurance in America will jump from $2,377 in 2023 to $2,522 this year. In Connecticut, it predicted the increase would be from $1,763 to $1,927.

That puts the Nutmeg State at No. 9 on the list of states with the fastest-growing insurance premiums, right behind Illinois and just ahead of Nevada. Louisiana (23 percent increase), Maine (19 percent increase) and Michigan (14 percent increase) lead off the list.

Still, Connecticut’s average home insurance premium will be far from the highest in the nation. Insurify projects Florida ($11,759), Louisiana ($7,809) and Oklahoma ($5,711) will have the highest home insurance premiums this year.

And regardless of where someone lives, the insurance costs are making home ownership more expensive.

But what’s the bigger picture? Why are home insurance prices heading for record highs, at all?

In part, it’s an increase in damages from climate change-driven wildfires and storms, the Insurify report says, with a particularly bad hurricane season in the forecast. And insurers are getting better data about what homes are vulnerable to sea level rise and other climate change-linked inland flooding.

At the same time, some states vulnerable to these same disasters, like Texas, are seeing relatively flat premiums between 2023 and 2024, the report notes, thanks to healthier local insurance markets.