Jewett City Savings Bank announced the names of its new board chair and vice chair following the lender’s annual meeting last month: Diane Manning and Brian Andstrom.

“Diane and Brian’s dedication to the community and the Bank have been instrumental in helping us embrace our mission and the unique needs of our neighbors,” Jewett City Savings Bank President and CEO Michael Alberts said in a statement. “We are very excited to welcome them into their newly elected positions on the Board of Directors and look forward to seeing all they accomplish in their new roles.”

Manning is Jewett City Savings Bank’s first female chairman of the board. She became a corporator of the bank in 2004 and has been a member of the board since 2007. She’s been president and CEO of United Services, Inc. in Dayville for over 20 years.

Andstromhas been a real estate broker and developer for 45 years and was first named one of the bank’s corporators in 2012 and joined the board in 2015.

They replace Chairman Gary Peloquin, Vice Chairman Gail Rooke-Norman, who will be stepping down. Peloquin was chairman from 2022-2024, vice chairman for eight years before that and a member of the board for 16 years. Rooke-Norman was the first woman elected to the bank’s board, in 2000, and was named vice chair in 2022.

“Gary, Gail, and David have been integral parts of the Jewett City Savings Bank team and the Bank’s success. They have helped us reach historical milestones, and we thank them for the overflowing wisdom and guidance they have provided over the years. Their presence on the Board will be dearly missed,” Alberts said .