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The number of single-family sales shrank slightly last month as the Connecticut housing market saw double-digit declines in numbers of both new and active listings.

According to the latest data from The Warren Group, publisher of The Commercial Record, only 2,127 single-family homes traded hands in May, a 5 percent drop year-over-year. The median sale price was $415,000, an 11 percent increase on the same basis.

Year-to-date, there have been 8,313 single-family homes sold state-wide through May 31, a 6 percent drop year-over-year. The year-to-date median single-family sale price is $385,000, a 12 percent increase over the same time last year.

Listings data tracked by brokerage and listings portal Redfin showed that numbers of new single-family listings statewide were 14.2 percent lower than May 2023, and numbers of active listings were down 11 percent over the same period.

In total, the state had 6,947 active single-family listings on the market in May, and 2,886 new listings.

Condominium listings showed broadly similar trends in the Redfin data, with active listings off 14 percent and new listings off 8 percent. In May there were 1,065 active listings and 735 new listings.

According to The Warren Group, 746 condo sales closed in May, effectively flat year-on-year, at a median price of $280,000. That represented a 12 percent year-on-year increase. Year-to-date there have been 3,056 condo sales, a 1 percent drop year-on-year, at a median sale price of $265,000, a 13 percent increase on the same basis.