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Low-Carbon Hotel Points the Way in New Haven

Connecticut’s hotel market was hammered by the pandemic. But one project is now reaping benefits with above-anticipated occupancy levels and room rates, in a sign of the New Haven hospitality market’s resilience.

New Haven Landmark Sold, Boutique Hotel Planned

After serving as nothing more than an architecturally significant billboard for the neighboring IKEA store, New Haven’s Pirelli Building has been sold to a developer who plans to renovate it into a boutique hotel.

Gas Co.’s Brookfield Expansion Goes Smoothly

The scheduled expansion of Iroquois Gas Transmission System’s Brookfield Compressor Station has been completed, and an upgraded compressor system is online and running smoothly, according to a statement.

UBS Top Job A Poisoned Chalice

Being at the helm of Switzerland’s best-known bank might once have been the pinnacle of a Swiss banker’s ambition, but few today envy UBS chief executive Marcel Rohner as he struggles to rebuild the battered bank.

Investors Unfazed by Bottom-Line Hits

Despite some big hits taken by the big banks, Wall Street appears unfazed.

Both Swiss-based UBS and New York-based Citigroup forecast hits to their respective bottom lines for the third quarter, largely tied to subprime bleeding, but investors appeared to take the news in stride.